Announcing EADIM Special Events 2014

8 - 10 October

I had absolutely no intention of running another EADIM event.

It's too exhausting.


I asked the 2013 delegates if they would like some one day events.

And they all said yes.

So here are the three days of EADIM 2014.

 Presentations that Make People Buy - Andy Bounds and Drayton Bird

If you can't sell it, you might just as well never have created it. Andy Bounds' talk was so powerful this year that three speakers rewrote their presentations.

I know of nobody in the world better on this subject. Large organisations pay him obscenely large sums to teach their top people. I learned many of my presentation skills from him. So will you.

I shall be talking about what I learned when helping to build the world's largest Direct Marketing agency group, selling to clients like BT, American Express and others like them.

 From Transgender nightclub to Industry Tycoon and OBE

This year: The Inside Story

You couldn't make it up.

She was a divorced mother of three.

She was a secretary in an industry utterly dominated by men.

The truck industry

Yet she ended up not just understanding but running the business.

Her firm's Japanese associates found it so hard to believe a woman could be the boss that they took her to a Transgender nightclub in Tokyo.

After a management buyout she and her colleagues built the business up ... and then sold the whole shooting match to those same Japanese.

She's a charismatic leader and powerful spokesperson for her industry.

She speaks six languages and claims her dog is fluent in Japanese.

I'm not sure about that...

But I do know she's featured frequently on radio and TV, is involved in goodness knows how many charities and has been given more awards than you've had hot dinners .

Her name is Nikki King OBE.

Last year she captivated our delegates with a hilarious speech about her career.

But we wanted to know more.

How exactly did she do it? What obstacles did she have to overcome?

Can her dog really speak Japanese?

Be there, and she'll tell you.

Is your marketing watertight? Or are you pouring money down the drain?

Meet Bryony Thomas - and find out

A few months ago Bryony sent me a copy of her book Watertight Marketing.

I get sent a lot of books to look at. Most are - well, either full of jargon and irrelevant academic theory or just plain dull.

But Bryony's is a delight.

Refreshingly practical, realistic, down-to-earth and full of sound sense.

So is she.

But let her speak for herself:

The Young Birds - and their Golden Eggs

Not so long ago I had an idea one morning.

It was to start a business called Young Birds.

I couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery - so I needed someone else to run it.

A man called Gerald Woodgate.

I struck lucky.

It turned out he could not only manage - but also write some pretty mean copy.

And at last year's EADIM he revealed another skill.

He's a highly entertaining speaker.

The Young Birds have proved a howling success.

How did we do it?

What is the process we follow?

Would it work for you? (I think so).

Gerald will explain.

 Secrets of Successful Creative - Steve Harrison and Drayton Bird.

Of all the copywriters I have trained or worked with, Steve is the best. After being creative director at my old firm he built and sold a very successful agency - the first to really marry brand advertising with direct response. He then became worldwide creative director of Wunderman.

He has won more awards than any other creative director in the world - for clients like Vodafone, IBM, Rolls-Royce, American Express, Xerox, BT, Royal Mail and Microsoft.

He has written two excellent books, is witty, dry, vastly well-informed - and a spellbinding presenter. I shall do my best to keep up by explaining my simple approach to creating messages that persuade people to do things.

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Questions Answered

What are the dates? Wednesday the 8th to Friday the 10th, October 2014.

Can I book individual days? Yes; but you will not get quite such a good deal: write to me for details.

What if I bring a colleague? I will give you a further 20% off the second place. Again, write to me.

The small print - When you buy you are agreeing to our cancellation policy.

It's simple: You will receive a full, no questions asked refund if you cancel up to 40 days before the event.

Thereafter we will only refund 50% if you cancel between 40 and 8 days before.

And only 25% if you cancel within 7 days of the event.

PS: The last time I started selling EADIM in October half the seats were gone by the end of the year. If you're hanging in for a better offer, don't. There will be no better offer this year.